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Camping Under The Stars now have super luxurious  4, 5 and 6 metre Bell Tents for sale.
These extremely spacious tents are the ultimate in camping, with a heavy duty heat welded groundsheet that is cleverly sewn onto the canvas with a strong zipped system that allows the removal of the flooring for cleaning or to raise the side walls on hot summer days.

The entrance / door, has an ‘A’ frame which is attached to the front of the tent ( please see close up photo) and secured onto the groundsheet, which has been strengthened with an extra layer of the groundsheet for extra durability.

Every peg point on the groundsheet has also been double welded for strength.

The front of the tent can also be flattened down to the floor to prevent tripping over it when getting in/out, and sturdy metal clasps are sewn onto the corners, again, for extra strength.

The Door has an internal fly guard, a lightweight gauze which enables you to enjoy the view but prevents any bugs or midges entering your tent.

All the seams are double stitched, and around the side walls of the tent, there are 4 half moon zipped windows. These can either be fully opened, or left with a meshed gauze to allow air in and more importantly keeping midges and flies out.

There are also 3 meshed vents at the apex (close to the centrepoint) of the tent allowing circulation of air to keep the living space a comfortable temperature.

With care and consideration this tent will last for years and years.

Even though the tent comes to you already proofed with mould and water resistance, we recommend that you treat your tent after the first years camping season to keep the canvas in optimum condition. Like anything in life, the more you look after it, the longer it should last.

Never leave a wet tent packed up for long periods. For more care instructions please contact us.

We have been manufacturing Tipis, Yurts and Bedouin tents for a number of years now and would not endorse these tents without first checking over them with a fine toothcomb.

Please see the close up photos of the quality of the tents (which other suppliers seem to not include) to see for yourself how well made they are.